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Okay, so a new leaf...right, got it, I'm turning over a new leaf...

*notices that people are watching her*

Uh...right, I'm turning over a new public. So, ah, right, here goes.

I signed up here who-knows-how-long-ago for who-knew-what-reason and then promptly forgot about it. n_n; He he, oops. But this last weekend I got to go to the best place on Earth also known as Botcon 2012! It was A-MAZE-ZING!!! I loved it so much and I got autographs from Dan Gilvezan (aka Bumblebee XD), Buster Jones (Blaster), and Simon Furman (the man that writes the comic books) AND I got to hear Peter Cullen -- that's right THE Peter Cullen aka G1 Ironhide aka THE Optimus Prime! -- speak at a panel. Not only was he funny, he was awesome. He actually apologized to the people that didn't win the raffle to meet him and get his autograph. I mean really, name one other actor anywhere that you've heard does amazing things like that. I could hardly believe it myself.

Anyway, it was probably the BEST weekend I've had in FORever and if the convention ever comes back to the best state on Earth (Texas of course! I bet you can't guess where I live huh? ;3) I am SO going back. Either that or if I become filthy rich in the next year then I'll go then too. ;D

Anyway (again...), after seeing all those other fans, and all that mind blowing artwork of our all time favorite bots, I have been inspired to do my own. I've started with Bluestreak because as my new puggle, he's right there for modeling. That and I didn't want to hurt his feelings...

I'll put up what I have in a second. They're still technically works in progress since I haven't inked them, but they look so nice anyway. I figure might as well. At least until the finished versions are, well, finished. n_n;

Now, was there anything else? *thinks to myself* Umm....not sure, maybe, but if there was I guess it wasn't important enough to hold my attention, so all I'm going to say is if you like to read TF fanfiction, I've got one and a half multi chapter stories and a handful of cuter one-shots you should check out. The link to my profile is down in my DA profile. Imagine that huh? :3

Also, if you haven't heard the song The Humbling River by Puscifer, you should. It's wonderful. That and it helps that it's the theme song for the Fall of Cybertron trailer. ;)
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  • Listening to: Music clip on The Lion King 2 menu n_n; idk either


Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Hey there, this is your friendly neighborhood art student speaking to you live from, you guessed it, the couch. ;) I'm an anime geek, a Disney Princess girl, and a newly dubbed Transfan with dreams of writing books and painting lovely, thought provoking images the rest of her life.

...You can guess how well that's going at the moment. But then, I guess I'm still an artist-in-training since I haven't graduated yet. So I've got time, I'd like to think anyway. n_n

Now, eh...yeah, I'm over at under Rose's.Wings if you'd like to check me out and my (newly acquired) twitter is BethanyRose33 if you care. Not sure that you do, but there you are anyway. I've got lots of cute little Puggleformer photos up there documenting the continuing adventures of my new Puggle Bluestreak! Although most of them have yet to make their way up there yet... (Puggle Bluestreak is the one in my avatar image. Made by the incomparable callykarishokka on this very site...^,,^ hmm...)

Now, hope you're ready to squee in cuteness cuz that's how I blow off steam. Oh, and my friend right here? ^..^ That's Mrs. Mittens. You should expect to see her hanging around here a lot. I gave her a goldfish cracker once (strange thing for a cat to eat but oh well, I'm not about to argue with the likes of her) and now she won't leave me alone. I can't tell if she's waiting for another cracker or if she's after Bluestreak instead...

o.O Puggle Bluestreak ascared of the big bad kitty!

^..^ *He should be* thinks Mrs. Mittens *he should be...*

Uh...I gotta go now. *zip!* Mrs. Mittens, no! Bad kitty! C'mere Blue' I've got you. Poor widdle puggle, here's a spare sock I pulled out of the jaws of the dryer just for you...<3

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